Public Health Agency of Canada
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Public Health Agency of Canada Organizational Chart

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  • Minister of Health
    • Deputy Head and Chief Public Health Officer

      Associate Deputy Minister
      • Deputy Chief Public Health Officer
      • Senior Corporate Advisor
      • Chief Science Officer
      • Chief Financial Officer
      • Business Transformation Office
      • Legal Services (Department of Justice)
      • Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control
        • National Microbiology Laboratory
        • Laboratory for Foodborne Zoonoses
        • Centre for Immunization and Respiratory Infectious Diseases
        • Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control
        • Centre for Foodborne Environmental and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases
      • Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention
        • Centre for Chronic Disease Prevention
        • Centre for Health Promotion
        • Social Determinants and Science Integration
        • Canadian Oral Health Advisor
        • Regional Operations
      • Health Security Infrastructure
        • Centre for Biosecurity
        • Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response
        • Centre for Public Health Capacity Development
        • Centre for Surveillance Strategy and Data Management
      • Strategic Policy, Planning, and International Affairs
        • Office of International Affairs
        • Strategic Policy and Ministerial Services
        • Governance and Planning
      • Shared Services Partnership
        • (Supported by PHAC)
          • Audit and Accountability Bureau
          • Evaluation Directorate
          • Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response
          • Office of International Affairs
        • (Supported by Health Canada)
          • Communications and Public Affairs Branch
          • Corporate Services Branch
          • Financial Operations Directorate