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PHAC Alberta and Northwest Territories Region

In Alberta, ACAP funding is channelled to HIV/AIDS organizations and projects through the Alberta Community HIV Fund (ACHF), a joint community/provincial/federal fund disbursement model that demonstrates a shared long-term commitment to the prevention of HIV infection and the care and support of those affected by HIV/AIDS. The ACHF is administered by the Alberta Community Council on HIV, a partnership of 14 non-profit, community-based HIV/AIDS organizations.

The ACHF funds initiatives to create supportive environments for people living with and/or affected by HIV/AIDS, prevention initiatives, harm reduction initiatives, health promotion for people living with HIV/AIDS, and initiatives to strengthen community-based organizations. The Alberta Community HIV Fund provides operational funding for community-based HIV/AIDS organizations.

For information on ACAP in the Northwest Territories, refer to the Northern Secretariat.

How to apply for ACHF funding.

For more information on ACAP in the Alberta Region, contact

More information on the Alberta Community HIV Fund (This link opens in a new browser window)