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Chronic Disease Knowledge Development and Exchange

Canadian Best Practices Portal

The Portal is a comprehensive entry point for an array of resources in the area of best practices. The Portal provides decision makers with easier and informed access to published and unpublished sources related to effective and emerging best practices approaches (models and theories), methods, research evidence and practical experience. The Portal will contain news, a catalogue of best practice systematic review sites and interventions (accessible from the Portal via a search engine), a discussion board and links to other sites. The primary goal of the Portal is ease of use. Besides having a single point of access (a virtual front door) the Portal will provide a rich navigation structure.

The Portal provides a central source that consolidates currently recommended best practices. Decision makers will be able to directly access current and relevant details about best practices for health promotion and chronic disease prevention obtained from the highest quality sources across Canada and internationally.

Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada (CDIC)

Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada (CDIC) is a quarterly scientific journal focussing on current evidence relevant to the control and prevention of chronic (i.e. non-communicable) diseases and injuries in Canada. Since 1980, the journal has published a unique blend of peer-reviewed feature articles by authors from the public and private sectors and which may include research from such fields as epidemiology, public/community health, biostatistics, the behavioural sciences, and health services or economics. Only feature articles are peer reviewed; other types of articles are not. Authors retain responsibility for the content of their articles; the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the CDIC editorial committee nor of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

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