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Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention in Canada: Research, Policy and Practice

Volume 36 · Number 9 · September 2016

Inside this issue

  1. How perceptions of community environment influence health behaviours: using the Analysis Grid for Environments Linked to Obesity Framework as a mechanism for exploration
    L. M. Nieuwendyk, A. P. Belon, H. Vallianatos, K. D. Raine, D. Schopflocher, J. C. Spence, R. C. Plotnikoff, C. I. Nykiforuk
  2. Estimating bias in derived body mass index in the Maternity Experiences Survey
    S. Dzakpasu, J. Duggan, J. Fahey, R. S. Kirby
  3. Childhood overweight and obesity trends in Canada
    D. P. Rao, E. Kropac, M. T. Do, K. C. Roberts, G. C. Jayaraman
  4. Call for papers: The food environment in Canada
  5. At-a-Glance - Furanyl-fentanyl overdose events caused by smoking contaminated crack cocaine - British Columbia, Canada, July 15-18, 2016
    S. A. Klar, E. Brodkin, E. Gibson, S. Padhi, C. Predy, C. Green, V. Lee
  6. Erratum
  7. Other PHAC publications